Finding Neverland


About Finding Neverland


The reality of time is short-lived; the society is constantly ever changing. When my mind is fed up and my soul is lost, I look for a space where I can step back from the worries of this world, and in which I hope to find mirth and a lightness of being away from the struggles of life. Through a mental journey for relaxation, I have turned back the time, trying to depict the innocent bliss of childhood. My precious childhood memories in a way have evolved into a paradise in my mind, whereas all the complicated matters varnish into a simple status quo. This is where the Neverland is, where my dreams and hopes are still preserved, and where my minds are at ease.

Finding Neverland Series


" The little thinker ", 90x180cm, Ink on canvas, 2008      "Bring my dream to the moon", 90x180cm, Ink on canvas, 2008      "Fly far away", 177x102cm, Ink on canvas, 2008      "Flying machine", 120x120cm, Ink on canvas, 2008

"Flyman", 120x120cm, Ink on canvas, 2009      "Where is Victoria?", 120x240cm, Ink on canvas, 2009       "Bunny on the swings", 120x120cm, Ink & mixed media on canvas, 2009"Listen to my heart", 180x90cm, Ink & mixed media on canvas, 2009